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When is your church service?

Our church service is every Sunday, it begins at 11am and finishes around 12.15

We believe in coming together as a church community to worship God, and to help and encourage each other as we walk out our lives. Whilst we do have an online church presence we feel that meeting together physically is a very important aspect of the Christian faith.

The format of our Sunday service is pretty constant, it begins at 11am and usually lasts around one hour.  Our worship is based on the use of modern songs and can range anywhere from lively, to quiet and reflective.

The time of worship is usually followed by a short time of teaching on various aspects of the Christian faith and important, relevant, practical life applications. 

Afterwards we have refreshments and enjoy a time of chat and fellowship. 

During the service we offer a Sunday school for school age children and a creche area the parents are welcome to use.

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