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The Team

One of the greatest strengths of our fellowship is the level of teamwork and body ministry that exists. Whilst we have a pastor, and we have a leadership team that fulfils their designated responsibilities, our strength comes from a wonderful commitment from everyone, to be involved and committed. So whilst there may be a few names highlighted here, much of the work, dedication and commitment comes from those not mentioned.


Pastor Alistair Matheson

Leading Scottish Apostle of the

​Apostolic Church UK


Pastor Samuel McKibben

Retired Apostle with

​oversight of Dunvegan

Pastor Andy Parker

Pastor of Dunvegan

Dan Slater


​of Dunvegan

The Board

​Dunvegan Christian Fellowship is a registered Not for Profit Company, the directors are; 

Dan Slater

Anne Parker

Jen Slater

Kay Newman

Pastor Andy Parker

​Leadership Team

The leadership team are appointed to help manage the affairs of the fellowship.

Dan Slater - Elder

Anne Parker- Administration

Kay Newman- Finance

Jen Slater- Safeguarding officer

Nikki Karp- Social

Andy Parker- Pastor

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