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Who are we?

We are a fellowship of Christian believers located in the village of Dunvegan on the West Coast of the Isle of Skye. We are part of the mainstream UK Apostolic Church and members of the Evangelical Alliance.

We believe that the absolute fundamental truth of the message of Jesus, is one of love, compassion and reconnection.

We are a not for profit church, who is led by a pastor, elders and a leadership team. Our board oversee all financial aspects of the church and cafe accounts, all of which are verified by independent accountants and submitted to HMRC on a yearly basis.

Each church has its own character and identity, and ours has a heart to serve our local community.

One aspect of this is through our cafe which is run to provide a warm welcoming space where you can find a friendly face and a listening ear. Through the cafe we organise a number of opportunities for free and discounted food for those in need. Parents also have a need to be able to sit and take a breath, so we have built a custom soft play area to keep the children entertained whilst parents can enjoy a relaxed coffee and a treat.

We are a distribution and collection point for The Skye and Lochalsh Food Bank, and we also offer a Community Fridge outside the cafe.

We organise a Toddler group bi weekly on a Wednesday called 'Bumps and Bairns', and a youth club called 'Strikes' bi weekly on a Friday. 


Senior Pastor:  Andy Parker

Andy is a local builder and is ordained in the Apostolic Church as a Pastor.

He and his wife Anne have been in leadership in the church for the last 10 years.


Dan Slater:

Dan and his wife Jen take a senior leadership role within the church. Dan already being an elder and training towards pastorship.


Leadership team:

The running of the church is carried

on the shoulders of a great team.

Kay Newman, Nikki Karp and Josie Allan.

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