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DCF Community Cafe


The Community cafe is a space we provide for the community to enjoy. Its a warm comfortable, safe environment where anyone can relax in comfort and enjoy the stunning views.

We run the cafe as a practical outworking of a desire to demonstrate the love of Jesus into our community.

That having been said, the cafe isn't some kind of tool used for pushing our beliefs on others, but a safe space for anyone to relax and feel it's somewhere they can belong.

We offer an selection of amazing locally baked cakes, pastries and pies. We have homemade soup of the day with sourdough bread, and a selection of freshly made filled rolls.

Run as a Not for Profit venture, the cafe uses whatever finance it generates to put back into the community through a number of different avenues. On Fridays we offer a 'pay as you feel Friday', an option to help those out who may be struggling financially. There is a discounted 'local special' every day, and we run a 'pay in forward' scheme, where you can buy a voucher for someone else to use. You can either hand out the voucher to someone you know, or we will pass them on to people in need for you.

Outside of the cafe we have a small fridge where if you catch it just right, you can pick up some of the days unsold cakes and pies that are placed there after closing.


Soft play castle

We provide a soft play area for the young children, complete with interactive toys, and 'illuminated jelly fish tanks in the dark crawl space. For the older children, ask for our colouring or word search sheets.


Craft area

We like to encourage local crafts people and artists, and although we don't sell the items directly we display the cratfs and put you in touch with the suppliers.

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Coffee specialists

While we offer a wide variety of refreshments, we specialise in coffee. We use locally roasted beans from which we produce what we believe to be, an outstanding cup of coffee.

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