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We are a fortnightly drop in Youth Cafe situated in Lochside Unit 2, Dunvegan.

We welcome children between P7 and S4. Our aim is to provide a comfortable and safe space that young people can relax and have fun in.

We have a pool table, a Nintendo Switch, a stack of board games and we make our own milk shakes.

Everything is free and everyone is welcome.

Friday's 6.30 - 8pm. Check out our calendar below for dates.

Please fill in the registration form at the bottom of the page and if you have any questions please e-mail us:

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Girl Playing Pool_edited.jpg

Pool table

Enjoy a game of pool on our competition pool table. Just how good are you? Come and have a game!

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Computer games

Enjoy our switch computer console.  Come and test your skills.

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We offer free refreshments while you are with us. Taste one of our many shake flavours and get your taste buds tingling!

Check out our calendar for the next 

'Strikes' meeting.

Look for the red dot.


Please note that the information on this form is for the use of the youth leaders at Youth Club and is not available to any other individuals or groups. This means that we will not disclose your e-mail address, mobile number or any other details to another individual without your permission.

All children between P7 and S4 are welcome.

Details of young person


Adult emergency contact name

Contact telephone number

Relation to child

Medical information : Are there any medical conditions we should be aware of? eg. Allergies, epilepsy, asthma, travel sickness etc)

Please give any details of special dietary needs we should be aware of (e.g food allergies, intolerances, moral/ religious restrictions etc)

Whilst all are welcome, any child which requires additional care would need to have this care supplied. We are not equipped or trained to provide for physical, emotional or behavioural 1 on 1 care needs. Any child which would require this additional care in a school setting should be considered as such.

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